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Buying Paintings and Prints

EU residents: I won't sell art inside the EU, as the bureaucratic hassles and hurdles of running a proper retail business outweigh the potential profits by far. This website is the personal website of one individual hobby artist. Sorry about that.

In some instances I may offer my paintings, limited edition prints, and other artwork for sale via this website. Actual shipping charges may substantially differ from the quoted amounts depending on your location; and your country may impose additional import duties for which you will be responsible. I will take care of the V.A.T. over here as required. More →

My artwork is created with high quality art supplies and materials; and shipped with the utmost care. However, I cannot give any guarantees whatsoever, i.e. all artwork is sold as-is and all sales are final.

You should examine the artwork carefully upon receipt and contact me within 7 business days of receiving your purchase if there is any problem, so we may find a mutually agreeable solution. Any claims past 7 business days will be rejected outright.

Original art should always be handled with care. The lighfastness of artists' pigments varies greatly depending on the art media used in the creation of the work. Gouache for example is more susceptible to light than acrylics. Paintings should never be displayed in places where they are subjected to direct sunlight. Common sense goes a long way towards getting many years of enjoyment from your art collection. Less ←